#OKtoBEzine: I’m Part of a Zine Project!


Hello everyone!


A month ago, I was invited to be a contributor for the #OktoBEzine Issue 2. The zine is a project by @kbsteps. It’s a zine by creators for creators and anyone else who loves art, being yourself, and the joy of creating. The second issue’s theme is all about plants and animals. Artists are free to interpret the theme however they choose, so that makes the zine more exciting. Oooh, what different kinds of content could be inside?  I’ve always loved zines and have struggled making one. So being invited to be part of this project was a dream come true! I personally loved reading and discovering Filipino writers and artists when I purchased the first issue.

You can support small creators by purchasing the zine.

The zine launches on August 28th, 2021. You can now pre-order a copy and use my discount code for $1 off (this discount code runs ’til Sept. 10th)

purchase zine: heykebe.gumroad.com

use my discount code: oktobeastrid

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