The Studio

Milk, Home & Honey Studio is a home studio currently based in Vancouver, BC.  It’s an expansion of what I started in Manila in 2018 – a space where I am free to create without the pressure of external expectations. The core values I practice in my studio are that of fun, curiosity, and imperfection. My creative philosophy is a departure from the things I learned in art school. I have no rules, I I don’t focus on just one thing, I follow whatever it is that needs to be expressed by my creativity whether it’s through sketching, cooking, crafting, or writing. The art I create also reflects what gives me joy and what I connect with. I create pieces that are relatable to my heritage as well as that of pop culture.

Imperfection does not mean mediocrity, it just means that while I do my best to create quality pieces, I also accept the fact that what is made by human hands cannot possibly be perfect or flawless. It’s also accepting that while I will never be the best, I am good enough and my art will find the audience it resonates with. 

My dreams for the future includes a full-service studio where I have a dedicated space for my shop, and a space to welcome like-minded friends over for tea and pastries. For now, I am happy and content working away in my small corner. I hope this humble home studio inspires you to nourish the artist within you. 

The Everyday Artist

Hello! My name is Astrid and I run this virtual space. I have a background in Digital Design, Web Development and Film. I started my homestudio back in Manila in 2018. The studio then was just a messy desk and a tiny kitchen in an old townhouse on a busy commercial street. I spent weekends creating and curating a life outside of the career rat race. It was there that I imagined a slower pace of life where I could sustain my life as a creative without being depleted by a demanding day job and an urban lifestyle. Before moving back to Vancouver for a career shift in marketing and sales, I worked as a photographer and content producer for emerging Filipino brands. Creating my home studio was my way of  nourishing and pursuing my creative endeavours without having to give up on my day job. 

The Blog

The blog is dedicated to life’s small pleasures and struggles. Small things that make up our entire lives- our homes, the spaces we fill, the food we partake, the books we read, the life we create. You will find slices of life, a peek into the struggles of a growing artist as I slowly stumble into adulthood.  I hope that what I share in this blog gives comfort and delight in your day-to-day experiences. I live an ordinary life working as a shop girl and life is filled with mundane tasks but I also strive to live as creatively as possible. 

View this space as you would a quaint and comforting coffee shop where you can spend the day browsing through, conversing, and resting.

The Shop (Milkhome Studio)

My studio shop carries carefully thought of items. These pieces are the product of pursuing my curiosity. The shop’s current focus is the studio’s candle collection. Each candle has a story and inspiration behind it. I am working on various projects and curating pieces to bring more products into the shop in the near future.