Hi! Welcome to Milk, Home, & Honey Studio. 

Thank you for taking the time to visit my digital home. This space is my virtual studio that houses all of my creative endeavours. It’s also a blog dedicated to life’s small pleasures and struggles. Small things that make up our entire lives- our homes, the spaces we fill, the food we partake, the books we read, the life we create. You will find slices of life, a peek into the struggles of a growing artist as I slowly stumble into adulthood.  I hope that what I share in this blog gives comfort and delight in your day-to-day experiences. I am an ordinary shopgirl and my life is filled with mundane tasks but I also strive to live as creatively as possible. 

View this space as you would a quaint and comforting coffee shop where you can spend the day browsing through, conversing, and resting.

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Cheers! – Astrid <3


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