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Terrace House: A Romanticized Version of My Ordinary Life

Terrace House is probably the only relatable reality TV  I watch. It follows six individuals living in one house, all coming from different backgrounds and careers. One of the prominent theme of the show is how these six housemates take inspiration from one another and help each other achieve their dreams. The house is rent-free, with two cars to share, plus pocket money for eating out. If Terrace House were filmed in Vancouver, I would jump at the chance just to live rent-free. This is what I mean by romanticized- free housing and eating out. But aside from those perks, everything else is quite ordinary. Continue reading “Terrace House: A Romanticized Version of My Ordinary Life”

The Artist and Her Sh*t Sandwich

(*Written in 2016, while the author was in film school)


Continue reading “The Artist and Her Sh*t Sandwich”

artist creativity bias reluctance

The Artist: Reluctance and Creativity Bias

For the longest time I’ve been reluctant to call myself an artist. The closest I could get is my artist temperament. Jk. It’s to accept compliments when people tell me I’m a creative person. I’ve always needed some form of external validation that what I was doing was somewhere close to being an artist. And if I wasn’t getting it, I just wasn’t that. I had the notion that to be considered an artist, one had to reach a certain level of renown and expertise. Continue reading “The Artist: Reluctance and Creativity Bias”

Mango pizza recipe

Quick Lunchbox Menu: Mango Pizza Recipe

This is a homemade mango pizza bacon recipe inspired by the memory of Greenwhich’s short lived mango pizza.  Noone I’ve  talked to  remembers it at all! I’ve been nostalgic for that taste since forever, never finding anything quite like it. If you remember it please leave a comment below, I need to know I wasn’t just imagining it. Continue reading “Quick Lunchbox Menu: Mango Pizza Recipe”